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What is Octalog?

Octalog is an Ecosystem to log data from the local real environment. This can be the temperature, humidity or something else you can measure with a sensor or get the signal to. To get this data online to octalog you can use our own Logger "Octalogger". This is a little Hardware Box with inbuilt sensors and Wi-fi. The configuration of the Octalogger is absolutely straight forward. Just plug it into power and configure it with your Smartphone or Laptop via Wi-Fi to connect to your own Wi-Fi Access Point at home.

What is the source of Octalog?

Octalog started under a project at the Technical Vocational School TBZ in Zurich. The goal was to create a own environment to log data values. The end product is this page to monitor the recorded data and a hardware logger with Wi-Fi connectivity. If you want more information you can contact Octalog under

How does the recorded data look like?

Here you can see the graphs we automatically generate for you. On the management interface you can additionally add and remove Octaloggers.